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JBL ProSilent a100 Air Pump


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Low noise 100 l/hour air pump for 40-150L aquariums

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Pro Shrimp's comment: You will need an air pump for most air driven sponge filters and air stones. A current supply of oxygen is important for fish and shrimp. The JBL air pumps come with replacement membrane, non-return valve and 2m air line, so are ready to connect. JBL Air pumps come with safety screw connection for the airline connections, accidental release of the airline is avoided. These airlines are under constant air pressure, so after a while the tubing can be pushed off the connector, JBL's ProSilent range removes this risk. The same system is available for connections, splitters and valves.

For best results it is advisable to install the air pump above the tank for optimal power. In cases were this is not possible (for example in  an aquarium cabinet) it is important to install a non-return valve (part of this set) to avoid accidental water drain in case of a malfunction or power cut. We sell a wide range of air pump accessories (tubing, valves, air stones & decorations).

NOTE: These pumps come with UK plug, if you need 2-pin EURO plug, please let us know during checkout.

  • Whisper quiet (< 37 dB(A)) due to special housing feet, soundproofing and weight. 4 years warranty.
  • 100 l/h air output with > 160 mbar air pressure with only 2,9 W power consumption.
  • 1 diaphragm and 1 adjustable air outlet.
  • Ready for connection with a 2 m tube, check valve and a bubble stone.

This video relates to ProSilent a200, but the concept is similar:

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