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Food for Life Beta-G


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Food & Water Additives from Germany

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Aqua Tom's Food for Life - Now available!

Reduces the risk of moulting problems and fungal infections, strengthens the animal's immune system and reduces the risk of bacterial infections and diseases. 

Aqua Tom Beta-G increases immune defense. It supports the cells important for the immune system.Beta-G acts as an accelerator: Antibodies are formed which fight foreign pathogens. Karotine enhance the color of your animals. 

Feeding instructions: Feed only as much as can be absorbed by your animals in a short time. 

Dosage: Dosing solution 1 ml - 1 x per week approx. 1/5 of the dosing spoon to 100 liters of water volume.

Note: The dosage must be adhered to, as over usage or too frequent administration may result in a reversal effect.

 Pack size: 35g

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