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Food for Life Vitaminkomplex


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Aqua Tom's Food for Life - Now available!

For shrimp, crabs and fish. In support of natural vitality, improvement of breeding results and feed utilisation, increases performance, growth, resistance to disease and reduces the mortality rate. Without artificial and chemical additives.

Aqua Tom Vitaminkomplex is a fine granulate and an optimal feed supplements for shrimp, crabs and fish.

Aqua Tom Vitaminkomplex supports the immune system, the growth, and improves the general resistance.

Aqua Tom Vitaminkomplex contains various vitamins, provitamins, vegetable protein extracts, algae and yeast


Feeding instructions

Feed only as much as can be eaten by your animals in a short time.




Aqua Tom Vitamine Complex is highly concentrated. Please feed your animals sparingly.


Dosing spoon 1 ml - 1 x per week approx. 1/4 of the dosing spoon for an 80 -120L aquarium.

Pack size: 35g

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