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Hugo Kamishi Bio Glass Rings 3x 150g


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Hugo Kamishi Bio Glass Rings - 3x 150g

Hugo Kamishi Bio Glass Rings are made of non-toxic, inert materials that promote bacterial growth.

They are made from extremely porous ceramics for maximum surface area to permit large colonies of beneficial bacteria.

Their highly porous hollow design effectively distributes water flow and allows massive colonies of beneficial bacteria to grow on and inside each ring.

The large surface areas on the inside and outside of the ring make the perfect environment for the  beneficial bacteria to remove ammonia & nitrite from the aquarium water.

They will not break down in the filter or alter the pH or water hardness.

Composed of a variety of channels & tunnels, the multitude of tiny pores can support these colonies of beneficial bacteria.

An Ideal biological filter media for any filter systems and suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Always rinse in aquarium water and not tap water.

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