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Aquael Leddy Smart PLANT Day & Night LED WHITE


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4.8W LED Light

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Aquael Leddy Smart PLANT White

The Leddy Smart Plant Day & Night from Aquael is a compact LED for small aquariums. Installed LEDs actively contribute to the vitality of aquatic plants and, thanks to three pre-installed modes, illuminate the entire habitat appropriately. With the Day and Daybreak modes, two different daylight spectrums are generated and the Night mode shines in a blue night spectrum. In this way, the Leddy Smart Plant Day & Night optimally brings out the natural colors of the animal and plant life in the aquarium. The long-lasting LED can be attached easily to aquariums with a glass thickness of up to 4 mm. This makes the LED appear almost floating above the painstakingly designed aquascape. The focus stays where it belongs. With its minimalist yet elegant appearance, the Leddy Smart Plant is nevertheless an ornament in any living space and does not need to hide. The LED light is available in high-gloss black and white.

  • Energy saving LED lighting
  • Exceptional design - futuristic, super flat shape
  • Suitable for aquarium glass up to 4 mm thicke
  • Lifetime up to 15.000 operating hours
  • Available in black and white
  • 9000K

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