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Mbuna Anubias Tree Dennerle Large 35-40cm


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Pro Shrimp's comment: Dennerle Mbuna Trees are a fantastic centre pieces for your tank. Made out of African Bogwood planted with Anubias nana these trees look stunning in every aquarium. Thanks to the use of Anubias they need very little in regards to light and fertilisation.

Please note: these tree are individual and differ depending on used wood and plant. All our Mbunas come pre-soaked and will sink immediately. They will still leach some tannins.

The Mbuna's "trunk" is made of a hand-picked, interesting looking bit of root wood from the African savanna. The striking "treetop" consists of the dwarf spear leaf Anubias nana. The MBUNA are grown in special plastic green-houses under tropical conditions, so they carry on growing when you place them in your aquarium: "The "treetop" becomes thicker and larger and the loose, liana-like root "beards" are especially attractive. MBUNA look like venerable tropical rain forest giants in small format. With the MBUNA you can create decorative tree groupings or outright underwater forests.
MBUNA are unique specimens. They lend the mysterious magic of a tropical underwater jungle to every aquarium. MBUNA which sink immediately.

For a long time there is a myth going around that anubias (when pruned or cut) would be poisonous to shrimp and other inverts. This is NOT true and anubias are perfect plants for your shrimp tank and 100% safe.

Snails: Dennerle is a plant grower that does not use pesticides. We try to keep our plants snail free as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee these plants to be 100% snail free. If you are looking for 100% snail and algae free plants, we would suggest the Dennerle Plant It invitro plants, which are grown in a laboratory environment and then sealed.

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