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Hygrophila corymbosa is a widespread stem plant in South East Asia. There are several varieties, each of which has a different leaf shape. Emersed leaves are usually much darker than those under the water. The hygro is a good beginner plant!


This dwarf format probably came about via mutation, and is not typical for the Hygrophila genus. The stems are heavily compressed and the leaves are closely packed. Plants cultivated above water have deep green leaves, whereas aquarium plants have bright green leaves. It grows slowly, which makes it much easier to care for than other Hygrophila varieties. It is ideal as a foreground plant. Its leaf shape makes this a nice change from the usual foreground plants.

Snails: Dennerle is a plant grower that does not use pesticides. We try to keep our plants snail free as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee these plants to be 100% snail free. If you are looking for 100% snail and algae free plants, we would suggest the Dennerle Plant It invitro plants, which are grown in a laboratory environment and then sealed.

It doesn’t get smaller than this! This is probably the smallest Anubias in the world and is a real boon to any underwater landscape. In terms of cultivation and care it is just as robust as the original form, but needs a little more light to produce lovely, compact greenery. This dwarf form can be used in a 10 L Nano Cube or larger. These plants have a most natural appearance when tied to delicate roots or driftwood. Red bogwood is perfectly suited to this purpose. Alternatively, showcase your 'bonsai’ Anubias on a canvas of decorative rocks.


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