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Microsorum pteropus Java Fern Aquafleur View larger

Microsorum pteropus Java Fern Aquafleur


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Aquarium Plant 5cm Pot EU Grown

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Aquafleur Microsorum pteropus - Java Fern

Plant in 5 cm pot.

Very hardy, light green plant for all types of aquariums. This plant can be easily attached to wood, stone or the rear wall. The rootstock (rhizome) must always be kept above the growth medium. Also suitable for paludaria.

Species Profile:

Tank Placement: Middle
Average Height: 50cm
Temperature: 22-28C
Light Requirements: Shaded Light
Geographic Origin: South East Asia
Ease of Care: Easy

All plants arrive potted in rockwool, please note: you have to take the plants out of the pot and plant it to guarantee proper growth and avoid rotting of the roots. Plants are natural items and can vary in size when they get delivered. All photos are examples only. The sizing further up references to fully grown plants.


We are proud to partner up with Aquafleur, one of the leading Dutch aquarium plant growers. All Aquafleur plants on offer are grown in the EU and not treated with pesticides, so they are shrimp and snail safe.

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