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Echinodorus Red Devil Aquadip


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Aquarium Plant 5cm Pot EU Grown

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Aquadip Red Devil

Plant in 5 cm pot.

'Red Devil' is a narrow-leaved, relatively small Echinodorus cultivar, bred by Tomas Kaliebe. In its underwater form it develops red leaves with slightly wavy edge and reaches a height of about 20 cm.
Echinodorus 'Red Devil' is mostly delivered in its emersed (terrestrial) form with rather green, longer stalked, coarser leaves. Planted into the aquarium, it will develop new submerged, colourful leaves.

As well as other Echinodorus, 'Red Devil' grows best with a nutrient-rich substrate. At least moderate light intensity is recommendable; more light enhances the red coloration. The most favourable temperatures lie between 22 and 28 °C.

'Red Devil' stands out from other red Echinodorus cultivars by its narrow leaf shape and rather small size. It can be used in smaller tanks and looks best as solitary plant or small, loose group in the midground, in larger aquariums also in the foreground.

Species Profile:

Tank Placement: Backgroud
Average Height: 20cm
Temperature: 20-28C
Light Requirements: Shaded Light
Geographic Origin: Cultivated
Ease of Care: Easy

All plants arrive potted in rockwool, please note: you have to take the plants out of the pot and plant it to guarantee proper growth and avoid rotting of the roots. Plants are natural items and can vary in size when they get delivered. All photos are examples only. The sizing further up references to fully grown plants.

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