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Echinodorus xinguensis Aquadip


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Aquarium Plant 5cm Pot EU Grown

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Aquadip Echinodorus xinguensis

Plant in 5 cm pot.

Common Name: Xingu Sword

Dwarf Amazon Sword plants are rarely seen in the aquarium hobby, but they are easily kept and add subtle color and graceful movement to the foreground of your aquarium. These stem plants produce oblong leaves that are bright green in color. This plant appears similar to a grass, but the leaves are broad and textured which creates depth in your aquascape.

With a nutrient rich substrate these plants will tolerate most lighting conditions, but moderate to high lighting is ideal. CO2 injection is not necessary, but will help the plant grow faster if needed. Iron deficiency can be a problem for this plant and iron supplement may be needed. When iron is deficient leaves turn yellow and droopy. Dwarf Amazon sword plants will grow submersed or emersed.

Dwarf Amazon swords propagate through runners that can be trimmed and replanted if desired. Prune regularly if you wish to prevent the plant from spreading.

Grows to 10-18cm so suitabel for smaller aquariums as well

All plants arrive potted in rockwool, please note: you have to take the plants out of the pot and plant it to guarantee proper growth and avoid rotting of the roots. Plants are natural items and can vary in size when they get delivered. All photos are examples only. The sizing further up references to fully grown plants.

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