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Marimo Moss Ball Cladophora (2-4cm)


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Moss Ball - Volume Discount Available!

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1x Marimo Moss Ball - 2cm

Cladophora aegagropila is not really a plant, but a ball of algae. It is a decorative exception from the rule about avoiding algae at all costs. It is normally found in shallow lakes, where the movement of the waves forms it into a sphere. In an aquarium it must be turned regularly to keep it in shape. Cladophora aegagrophila can be divided into smaller pieces, which become spherical with time, or which form a carpet, if attached to roots and stones. Protected in parts of Japan.

These are very popular in shrimp tanks but look stunning in most aquariums.

Size varies from individual to individual and depends heavily on available stock. These can range from 2 to 4 cm. We can only guarantee a minimum of 2cm.

Price per ball!

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