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Aponogeton boivinianus - BULB

Aponogeton boivinianus is a magnificent solitary plant for large aquariums. This submerged plant is native to rivers in Madagascar and is often sold as a tuber that will sprout in the aquarium. The broadly strap-shaped, somewhat leathery leaves get about 80 cm long and 8 cm wide under favourable conditions. They are strongly bullate, dark green and transparent. Young, newly appearing leaves are light green or brownish.

The tubers sold by us can be leafless or also more or less sprouted, with some leaves.

Aponogeton boivinianus is content with moderate lighting and grows well in medium hard, slightly alkaline water, with optimum temperatures at about 22-26 °C. A. boivinianus occasionally takes a dormant phase. When its growth recedes, lowering the temperature and dimming the light for about 3-4 months is recommended.

Bulbs: All our bulb plants can come with leaves, but we do not guarantee this. You are only buying the bulb itself. If it comes with leaves attached, these can sometimes get damaged in transit, just cut them off or give them time to recover, this is not considered a defect.

"Planting bulb plants": No planting needed, just drop them in place, the bulb will throw down roots by itself and anchor into the substrate. You can give them a little press down, but do not bury them.

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