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Aponogeton madagascariensis BULB Aquadip Lace Plant


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Aponogeton madagascariensis  - BULB - Lace Plant

The Madagascar Laceplant is a fascinating water plant with grid-like leaves. It occurs in cool, permanent rivers in Madagascar. There are several forms from different localities that were partly described as varieties. The typical variety, Aponogeton madagascariensis var. madagascariensis, has rather narrow leaves with regular lattice structure and narrow perforations. Sometimes it is delivered under the incorrect name "Aponogeton henkelianus".

The forms of Aponogeton madagascariensis prefer cooler water below 25 °C, good water movement, CO2 supply and nutrient-rich bottom. Medium lighting is sufficient.

Bulbs: All our bulb plants can come with leaves, but we do not guarantee this. You are only buying the bulb itself. If it comes with leaves attached, these can sometimes get damaged in transit, just cut them off or give them time to recover, this is not considered a defect.

"Planting bulb plants": No planting needed, just drop them in place, the bulb will throw down roots by itself and anchor into the substrate. You can give them a little press down, but do not bury them.

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