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Aponogeton ulvaceus BULB Aquadip


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Aponogeton ulvaceus - BULB

Aponogeton ulvaceus is a conspicuous plant with broad, very wavy, light green, translucent leaves. It comes from standing waters in Madagascar and resembles certain marine green algae (Ulva), therefore its name. Aponogeton ulvaceus is mostly delivered as a tuber that develops many leaves in the aquarium. It's best suited as a specimen plant in large tanks. Nutrient-rich substrate and soft to medium hard, slightly acid to neutral pH are recommendable, moderate lighting is adequate. From time to time, this Aponogeton takes a dormant phase.

Bulbs: All our bulb plants can come with leaves, but we do not guarantee this. You are only buying the bulb itself. If it comes with leaves attached, these can sometimes get damaged in transit, just cut them off or give them time to recover, this is not considered a defect.

"Planting bulb plants": No planting needed, just drop them in place, the bulb will throw down roots by itself and anchor into the substrate. You can give them a little press down, but do not bury them.

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