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Bucephalandra 'Wavy Leaf' Dennerle


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Dennerle Bucephalandra Plants

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Pro Shrimp's comment: Bucephalandra have become very popular in recent years. They need very little in terms of light and fertilisation, but are very attractive and many types are even flowering under water. Similar to Anubias they are slow growing and should be attached to rocks or wood.

Because of the popularity this plant has been dramatically reduced in its natural habitat (most Bucephalandra on the market have been taken from the wild). Dennerle Bucephalandra have been bred in the laboratory and NOT been taken from the wild.

Please note: Dennerle plants are not treated with pesticides and are generally shrimp safe (it's still advisable to water the plants for a day). We are generally trying to keep plants snail free, but this cannot be 100% guaranteed. If you want 100% snail free plants, we would advise to look at in-vitro plants (for example Dennerle plant-it).

The plants are around 3-4cm.

Bucephalandra spec. ´Wavy Leaf´

A new genus takes aquatics by storm! The endemic genus Bucephalandra is only found in Borneo and like the Cryptocorynes and Anubias it belongs to the arum family. The exact scientific definition is currently very uncertain, so we get the name of this variety from the habit of the plant. Bucephalandra species are epiphytes and should therefore be attached to stones and roots. The 'Wavy Leaf' variety grows especially vigorously and is a decorative beauty. An ideal plant for Nano Cubes!

  • Novelty in aquatics
  • Epiphyte for wood and stone
  • Very slow-growing
  • Easy to care for in semi-shade to full shade
  • Grows flowers even under water 

Area/height:Foreground up to 8cm
Light:medium - low
Temperature20 - 28 C.
pH:5 - 8
Water hardness:   soft - medium
Co2:0-20 mg/l
Propagation:rhizome cuttings

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