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Dennerle Nano Tank 35L Plant Pro Scaper's Tank


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Dennerle Nano Tank Plant Pro 35L

The Nano Tank Plant Pro 35 L by Dennerle allows you to create realistic-looking natural aquascapes due to the fantastic depth effect and wider dimensions. A powerful Chihiros A2 401 LED lamp with 15 W and ca. 1700 lumens ensures lush plant growth.

The compact Corner Filter 40 consumes only 2 W and runs quietly. The filter outlet can be rotated 90° and the water flow can be adjusted smoothly. It is easy to clean and can be placed vertically or horizontally. This gives you great flexibility when choosing where to place the corner filter.

A matching cover and safety pad complete the aquascaping set.


Aquarium :

  • Nano Tank Plant Pro 35L
  • Volume: 35 L
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 40 x 32 x 28 cm
  • Cover
  • Safety pad

Lighting :

  • Chihiros AII 401
  • Input power AC 110 - 240V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption 15 W
  • Colour temperature ca. 8,000 Kelvin
  • 40 LEDs
  • Luminous flux ca. 1700 lumens


  • Corner filter 40
  • Filter capacity 150 L/h maximum
  • Power consumption 2 W
  • For aquariums up to 40 L
  • Dimensions 195 x 100 x 60 mm

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