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Dennerle Scaper's Tank 50L Complete Set


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Dennerle Nano Cube 50L - Shrimp Tank with external Filter and 24W Light

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THIS TANK HAS BEEN REPLACED BY the 2018 55L MODEL. Please click here.

Pro Shrimp's comment:
Dennerle is one of the leading Aquascaping and Nano Aquarium manufacturers. These tanks are of the highest quality and much thought has gone into their development. Dennerle is offering a full range of products around their Aquascaping aquariums from different lighting to high tech filtering options. The seamless front corners allow for panoramic views and the open top creates a modern finish. These tanks include a cover plate for the top to reduce condensation and protect the inhabitants.

Dennerle Scaper Tanks are specifically built for Aquascaping in mind and you can find fantastic examples on the internet, so plenty of inspiration for your own scape.

This tank comes with a shrimp safe Dennerle external hang-on filter and very strong 24W aquascaping lighting unit.


  • Scaper's Tank 50L
  • Top cover glass
  • Dennerle 24W Lighting
  • Dennerle hang-on filter with lily pipe (shrimp safe)
  • Base protection sheet (foam - heat insulating)


  • 45cm x 31cm x 36cm
  • Capacity: 50 litre

Scaper’s Light

  • Bright, vibrant, white light (8000 Kelvin)
  • The water looks fresh, deep and crystal clear
  • Excellent light for growing all aquarium plants, activates photosynthesis
  • For lush, magnificent underwater landscapes
  •  Incl. reflector for 100% more light
  • Horizontally adjustable (360°)

Technical data:
For aquarium sizes: 40-60 litres
24 W, 8000 Kelvin, 1440 lumen,
Dimensions: 25 x 12 x 8 cm

Scapers Flow

  • With vertically adjustable and rotatable lily pipe:
    Vertically adjustable (max. 10 mm) to adapt to the water level.
    Rotates through 180° for optimum orientation of the water flow. 
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Easy clean system: completely removable, easy to clean.
  • Filter material included: pre-filter sponge, high-performance bio-filter material and fine filter pad

Technical data:
For aquarium sizes: 30-120 litres
Pump power max 360 l/h, 5.6 Watt

1 - Intake pipe: in two parts to adapt to the height of the substrate. Includes filter sponge, safe for juvenile shrimp.
2 - Lily pipe: for gentle water flow.
3 - Filter material included: pre-filter sponge, high-performance bio-filter material and fine filter pad.

Lily Pipe

The newly developed lily pipe fulfils all the requirements:

Rotates flexibly through 180°. This allows optimum alignment of the water flow. It is also vertically adjustable (max. 10 mm) to adapt to the water level.

Daytime position: if the filter is connected to the bottom catch, the lily pipe outlet is completely under water. Thanks to its fanned out shape, the lily pipe also creates a gentle, natural, plant-friendly water flow that supports moderate gas exchange. This means the CO2 needed by the plants is not excessively driven out.

Night time position: by raising the top clip the lily pipe is not fully under water. This creates a small whirlpool that removes any possible mould residue and introduces additional oxygen into the aquarium.

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