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Dennerle Scaper's Tank 70L Complete LIMITED EDITION


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Tank 70L Complete Set (Light, Filter, Substrate, CO2 and more)

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Scaper's Tank COMPLETE (Limited Edition)

  • Aquarium with the special dimensions 50 x 39 x 36 cm (WxDxH) for a special depth effect
  • Panoramic glass (rounded front corners), glass thickness: 5 mm
  • Cover incl. holders
  • heat insulating safety pad

The new "Nano Scapers Tank - Limited Edition" aquarium set from Dennerle impresses with its panoramic window with rounded front corners. Its special dimensions create a special depth effect.

With the set, you can create excellent individual aquariums and create breathtaking underwater landscapes. Everything you need for a perfect start can be found in this set.


  1. Nano Scaper's 70-litre tank
  2. Cover panel
  3. Heat-insulating safety pad
  4. Easy LED Universal Light 20 watts with 6,800 Kelvin
  5. Nano corner filter XXL
  6. Decorative gravel "Rio Xingu", 500 g
  7. Crystal quartz gravel, black, 10 kg
  8. Deponit-Mix Black 10in1, 2.4 kg
  9. All in one! Elixir, 100 ml
  10. CO2 plant fertilizer set Bio Starter with CO2 diffuser Ultra M
  11. Bacto Elixir Bio, 50 ml
  12. Water world, magazine and catalogue
  13. Microfibre cloth
  14. Planting plan

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