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Glasgarten Hardscape Fix 200g


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Bio-polymer hardscape fix

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Glasgarten Hardscape Fix 200g

With Hardscape Fix from GlasGarten, stones or roots can be easily and safely fixed and stabilized. Design your aquascape as you wish and position the hardscape according to your ideas. Realize e.g. natural looking mountain landscapes or overhanging roots.

After cooling down, Hardscape Fix is hard, flexible and robust. Can be used again and again by re-heating in the water.

GlasGarten Hardscape Fix is water-neutral and safe for all aquarium inhabitants. Also suitable for sea water. Bio-polymer, 100% biodegradable.

Tip 1
You can easily color Hardscape Fix by kneading colored powder into it. For example, green is Spirulina powder well suited, for brown a humic powder... so Hardscape Fix becomes almost invisible in your layout.

Tip 2
The adhesive property of Hardscape Fix is increased by high temperature, e.g. with a hot air dryer, significantly increased. After cooling down, check for strength and secure hold.

It's that easy
1) Simply heat water to 60 - 100° C, place in a bowl and sprinkle with the desired amount of Hardscape Fix
2) After a short time, the pearls become transparent and stick together. Remove Hardscape Fix now e.g. with a fork
3) Let it cool down a bit and you can start repairing and modeling according to your ideas
Tip: If Hardscape Fix gets too hard before you have finished modeling / positioning, simply heat it up again... as often as you want

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