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Aquavitro fuel 1000ml


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fuel is a comprehensive supplement

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Aquavitro fuel 1000ml

  • Comprehensive carbohydrate, vitamin, amino acid, and polyunsaturated fatty acid supplement for corals
  • Ascorbic acid in a base of chlorella
  • Makes a trace element supplement unnecessary

fuel™ is a comprehensive carbohydrate, vitamin, amino acid, polyunsaturated fatty acid, and trace element supplement developed to address nutritional requirements commonly associated with corals. fuel™ contains ascorbic acid in a base of chlorella, which contains a rich assortment of amino acids and vitamins. The health benefits of chlorella are widely known and while spirulina, a similar algae, has been regularly used in the industry, aquavitro is the first to utilize the vastly superior chlorella. fuel™ is formulated to provide nutrients available from natural tropical reef waters.

Chlorella is a unique algae that grows in fresh water. It is extremely high in enzymes, vitamins and minerals, including the full vitamin-B Complex. It is over-flowing with unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, and proteins. There are also vitamins found in Chlorella including: Vitamin C, pro-vitamin A (B-carotene), thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), pyridoxine (B6), niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, Vitamin B12, biotin, choline, Vitamin K, lipoic acid, and inositol. Minerals in Chlorella include: phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron, and copper. It contains a higher level of amino acids than spirulina and is FDA approved for use with ornamental fish.


Shake well before using. Use 5 mL for every 80 L (20 US gallons) twice a week or as required to maintain coral growth.


Q: How does fuel™ compare to Seachem Reef Plus™?

A: Reef Plus™ and fuel™ may seem to be identical, but in fact they are two completely different products with different functions. fuel™ will contain a great deal of the same vitamins and minerals contained in Reef Plus™, but while Reef Plus™ is a trace element and micro nutrient supplement, fuel™ can actually be used as a complete food source for your corals. fuel™ contains trace elements and micronutrients in addition to protein, carbohydrates, and polyunsaturated fats and full vitamin B complex. fuel™ also has a chlorella base, which is extremely nutrient rich and is a component that Reef Plus™ does not contain.

Q:Does fuel™ need to be refrigerated?

A: We recommend refrigerating as this will help to preserve the organics in the product. That being said, if it is not refrigerated, it will not break down completely. If it has been kept at room temperature, it should be fine. Over time it is quite normal for the product to darken and to have a stronger organic smell.

Q: Do you still have a second seal on the fuel bottles, 150 mL, 350 mL?

A: No, we have actually used a special cap style on the aquavitro line that prevents the need for an additional seal. The cap will seal tightly once closed.

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