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Aquavitro biogen 225ml


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biogen is a carbon-based biopolymer (PHA) designed to reduce nitrate and phosphate

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Aquavitro biogen 225ml

  • Reduces nitrate and phosphate
  • Carbon-based biopolymer (PHA)
  • For use in a fluidized bed reactor

Abiogen™ is a carbon-based biopolymer (PHA) designed to reduce nitrate and phosphate. In a fluidized bed reactor, it will support the growth of bacteria that consume nitrate and phosphate over 10% more efficiently than the leading competitor. Reducing phosphate and nitrate can enhance coral coloration and reduce nuisance coatings of rock and decorations.


biogen™ should be used in a reactor that provides a flow of water that keeps the beads moving. Bacteria will colonize the beads in 2 - 4 weeks. To accelerate this process use a bacterial supplement such as seed™ or remediation™.

Add 60 mL (¼ cup) per 265 L (70 US gallons) weekly until a total dose of 60 mL (¼ cup) per 85 L (23 US gallons) is reached. Slowly increasing the amount will prevent sudden drops in phosphate and nitrate and reduce the risk of a bacterial bloom. As beneficial bacteria consume the beads, add more to maintain the dose. Do not wait until the reactor is empty before adding more. It is important to monitor the reactor and adjust the flow to keep the beads moving. Non-moving beads may result in anaerobic conditions and possible production of hydrogen sulfide. If this happens, remove the beads from the reactor, rinse them, replace the beads and restart the flow. A protein skimmer is recommended to remove any excess bacteria biomass. For a system without a skimmer, a regularly cleaned mechanical filter is adequate.

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