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biOrb Fan Coral Ornament White Large 40cm


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A range of aquarium ornaments designed exclusively for biOrb by aquascaping artist Samuel Baker.

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biOrb Fan Coral Ornament Large 40cm

This striking sculpture forms a dramatic centre piece to the Life 45 and 60 litre. Contrast with sea fans and sea lillies for a stunning display.

Ornament for biOrbs and other Aquariums. These Ornaments or Sculptures have been designed by Samuel Baker for biOrb. The Sculptures serve as centre piece of your decoration setup.

There is an ornament to suit every home in the Samuel Baker Collection. 

These ornaments simply slide over the bubble tube in the biOrb, easy to fit and remove. 

Available in a range of designs in small, medium and large sizes. 

Designs include Coral, Clamshell and Pebble styles. 

  • Fit biOrb LIFE 45 & 60. Height 40cm.
  • Can also be used in biOrb LIFE aquariums but will not entirely cover the bubble tube.

Height: 40cm 

Suitable for biOrb Life 45 & 60

Designed to fit over the bubble tube

Reduces plant upkeep

Hassle-free to care for

Safe for all aquatic life

Easy to remove

No need for live-plant care equipment

Provides a colourful and highly attractive focal feature to your tank

Creates a dynamic environment for your fish tank

Genuine biOrb product

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