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biOrb Amazonas Root Ornament Large 41cm


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A range of aquarium ornaments designed for biOrb

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biOrb Amazonas Root Ornament  - Large - 41cm

Ornament for biOrbs and other Aquariums. The Sculptures serve as centre piece of your decoration setup.

This biOrb Aquarium Ornament is a high-quality resin decoration piece that adds character to your fish tank. The decoration has been designed with a hole in the centre to enable the ornament to sit neatly over the bubble tube

This ornament is suitable for all aquarium types and is perfectly safe to use in all setups.

Dimensions:   80 x 175 x 410

Suitable for 45L biOrbs and larger

Hassle-free to care for

Safe for all aquatic life

Easy to remove

Provides a colourful and highly attractive focal feature to your tank

Creates a dynamic environment for your fish tank

Genuine biOrb product

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