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biOrb 10W Halogen Replacement Bulb


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Replacement bulb for the biOrb light

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biOrb 10W Halogen Replacement Bulb biOrb Tanks

Replacement bulb for the larger Orb light

The original biOrb used halogen lighting, this is the needed replacement bulb. We offer an LED upgrade module as well!

This is a replacement bulb for the biOrb Halogen Light. It is 10watt 12V and has a heat reflective coating to prevent damage to the light unit. 

It is important you use a genuine biOrb replacement bulb. If you replace the bulb with a standard household halogen bulb, 10watt or higher you may damage the light unit. 20watt and 50watt household bulbs may blow the transformer or could cause the light unit to melt. 

  • 1 x 10watt 12V biOrb Halogen Bulb

Suitable for larger biOrbs

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