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Dennerle CO2 Set 300 Space (incl. Solenoid)


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Complete CO2 Kit up to 300L incl. Solenoid!

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Dennerle CO2 Kit Space 300 (includs magnetic solenoid valve!)

The convenient method of CO2 fertilization

The system with the practical disposable CO2 cylinder. Ideal whenever replenishing CO2 cylinders is awkward or the nearest CO2 filling service is far away. No annoying waiting for the CO2 filling service.

Uninterrupted supply with reserve bottle: With a replacement bottle in the base cabinet of the aquarium there will be no interruption in CO2 fertilization, should your original bottle run out at the weekend, for example.

100% recyclable

DENNERLE disposable CO2 cylinders are made almost entirely of metal. Empty bottles are disposed of in the recycling bin. They are practically 100% recyclable.
For the benefit of the environment.

Complete set, comprising:

  • Dennerle disposable CO2 cylinder, 500 g
  • Pressure reducer Evolution Space 
  • Flipper diffusor
  • Special CO2 check valve
  • CO2 Softflex hose, 2m
  • CO2 long-term test Correct + pH
  • Special CO2 indicator
  • PerfectPlant system set

Cutting-edge CO2 equipment for outstanding reliability and quality

The pressure reducer plays a vital role in aquaria. The quality of the pressure reducer determines whether exact and reliable CO2 fertilisation can be guaranteed. The new Evolution range from Dennerle represents the state of the art in CO2 technology, combining simple operation with high precision and reliability. 

The pressure reducers of the Evolution range

  • Only 1 setting knob for simple operation
  • Dynamic Valve Control (DVC) for constant number of bubbles
  • Automatic pressure compensation during adjustment for swift and precise setting
  • High-strength aluminium alloy construction results in low weight 
  • Automatic pressure relief 
  • Cylinder thread with safety vent
  • Internal fine filter for high level of operational safety and reliability

Please note, that we cannot ship pressurised CO2 products internationally or to remote areas (including Highlands, Islands & Northern Ireland).

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