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Colombo Flora Ferro 250ml


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Colombo Flora Iron Fertiliser

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Special iron nutrition for aquarium plants. Measure the iron content with the Flora Ferro test and add Ferro nutrition as needed. Colombo Nitro, Phospho and Ferro tests and nutrition have been developed especially for Aqua Scapers. Contents: 250 ml. Dosage: 1x pump (1.25 ml) per 25 litres of water increases iron levels by 0.05 mg/l.

Colombo NPF System


Use the 3 test kits developed by Colombo to measure Nitrate (Nitro), Phosphorus (Phospho) and Iron (Ferro) levels in aquarium water.


Then add the exact amount of Colombo Nitro, Phospho and Ferro nutrition using the handy dosing pump on the bottle.

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