Dennerle Nano Decor Large XL Crusta Shrimp & Crayfish Tubes


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Very popular shrimp and crayfish tubes from Dennerle.

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Pro Shrimp's comment: Shrimp need places to hide or feel secure from predators. Shrimp Tubes are the most popular hide for shrimp. They are very decorative. You can easily bind some moss on top, making for a great natural look

These Tubes are massive and are great for crayfish as well!

Decorative element for nano aquaria

NanoDecor Crusta Tubes - 3 tubes, large

Ceramic tubes for shrimps and crabs
  • Water-neutral - safe for shrimps,crabs, etc.
  • Provide a safe hiding place andreduces stress
  • Encourage natural behaviour
  • With bio-filter function: Special porous ceramic material promotes colonisation by filtering bacteria for improved water quality
TIP: Mosses, e.g. Java moss, can be attached for a particularly natural effect

11,8 x 10,3 x 11 cm

Shrimp Tubes come as is without retail packaging!

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