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Dennerle Trocal LED 50 24W (48-65cm)


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Trocal LED 48-65cm 24W 2240 Lumen

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Pro Shrimp's comment: These are the latest LED lights from Dennerle and the successor to the popular Scaper's LED. 100% Made in Germany to the highest specifications. Compared to its predecessor the light output is huge. Used materials in casing and LED technology will protect your investment long-term. These lights are not comparable to mass produced budget lights!

Each Trocal LED light can be extended seamlessly to fit your aquarium. Additional accessories for these lights are in preparation.

With special adapters these LEDs can be used instead of T5 and T8 tubes in most standard aquarium light fittings.

Like all our Dennerle products this item comes with fully fused UK plug as standard. If you need a European plug, please let us know during checkout.

We offer the full Trocal range. If your chosen model should not be in stock (available on backorder) we will order the bigger models for you directly from the manufacturer. Please take into account that delivery time frames, especially for the bigger models can vary. We will keep you informed about the progress at all times. Lights that are currently in stock will be despatched same day as usual.

For all freshwater aquariums

Trocal LED

The aquarium light with the highest output density in its price range - More light for your money!

Now available !

Thanks to its high-quality LEDs, it boasts very high output density, optimum heat management and a long service life of approx. 80,000 operating hours. This is ensured by the ceramic substrate on which the LEDs are manufactured. This provides better heat dissipation than plastic, with the result that a very high luminous flux can be created with a very long service life and low loss of luminous flux over the period of use. This means high light intensity is always guaranteed, even with a small number of LEDs, while at the same time power consumption is low.

The high light density promotes optimum plant growth and fish gleam in their finest colours. In addition, the subtle "shimmering effect" gives every aquarium that certain something, as the light patterns look like natural sunlight.


Optimised illumination and colour rendering:

• Very good colour rendering (CRI: 85)
• Angle of radiation: 130° - for optimum illumination
• Optimum colour temperature for plants and fish (5,500 K)
• Spectrum for excellent plant growth
• With pleasant „shimmering effect“

Outstanding output values:

• Particularly high output density: 60 W/m or. 5,600 lm/m (board length)
• High energy efficiency: 120 lm / W (LED module)
• One Trocal LED replaces 2 T5 tubes

Quality and long service life:

• High-quality CREE LEDs for optimum performance
• Optimised thermal management thanks to CoolCeramics technology (Multi-Layer Ceramic Chip Carrier) for a long service life
• Average service life of LED module: 80,000 operating hours (LM 80)
• LED module in a high-quality aluminium housing
• With universal mount made of V4A stainless steel for all aquaria.


• Modern design with compact dimensions
• Easy to install, adjustable length.

Art.No.Art.NameWattagefor aquaria widthfor aquaria volumeLumenreplaces two T5 tubesreplaces two T8 tubes
5550Trocal LED 40cm18 W38 - 55 cmca. 50 - 80 L168024W - 438mm15W - 438mm
5551Trocal LED 50cm24 W48 - 65 cmca. 70 - 110 L224024W - 549mm / 28W - 590mm18W - 59mm
5552Trocal LED 60cm30 W58 - 75 cmca. 90 - 140 L2800--
5553Trocal LED 70cm36 W68 - 85 cmca. 110 - 170 L336035W - 742mm25W - 742mm
5554Trocal LED 80cm42 W78 - 95 cmca. 130 - 200 L392038W - 849mm / 45W - 895mm30W - 895mm
5556Trocal LED 90cm48 W88 - 105 cmca. 150 - 220 L4480--
5557Trocal LED 100cm54 W98 - 115 cmca. 170 - 250 L504054W - 1047mm38W - 1047mm
5558Trocal LED 110cm60 W108 - 125 cmca. 190 - 280 L560054W - 1149mm / 54W - 1200mm36W - 1200mm
5559Trocal LED 120cm66 W118 - 135 cmca. 200 - 300 L6160--
5560Trocal LED 130cm72 W128 - 145 cmca. 220 - 330 L6720--
5561Trocal LED 140cm78 W138 - 155 cmca. 240 - 360 L728080W - 1449mm58W - 1500mm
5562Trocal LED 150cm84 W148 - 165 cmca. 260 - 400 L7840--
5563Trocal LED 160cm90 W158 - 175 cmca. 280 - 420 L8400--

Technical Details:

Colour rendering CRI: 85

Output density: 5040 lm / m; 54 W / m

Colour temperature: 5500 K

LED module efficiency: 120 lm / W

Efficiency of the lighting system: 95 lm / W

Angle of radiation: 130° for optimum illumination

Average service life of the LED module: 80,000 operating hours (LM 80)

Splash proof IP X4

Safe operation thanks to safety low voltage 24 V

Permissible mains voltage: 100-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz

Cable length from LED module to ballast : 200 cm

Cable length from ballast to plug in the direction of the LED module: 50 cm

Cable length from the mains plug to the ballast: 50 cm (only for 50 W and 80 W versions)

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