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Dennerle Plant Active Enzymes


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Growth Enhancer for Plants

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Dennerle Plant Active Enzymes

Growth enhancer for aquarium plants
  • Bio-enzymes activate cell division and improve growth
  • Reactivates unused plant nutrients
  • For splendid plants and vibrant colours
  • Helps to prevent growth stagnation
  • Acts preventively against algae by sustainably promoting plant growth

One would assume that a plant grows to its maximum when it has sufficient amounts of light, CO2 and nutrients available. But this is not the case. Practical experience shows that there are other factors that have a beneficial effect on growth. Dennerle carried out extensive research into these secondary growth factors at an early stage. The result is Plant Active Enzymes. Plant Active Enzymes has multiple effects. Growth-stimulating, natural plant enzymes stimulate cell division. Enzymes are bio-catalysts and are of central importance for plant metabolism. For example, they convert reserve substances into soluble substances that are used by the plant for growth. This promotes the formation of new leaves and the growth of shoots. Plant Active Enzymes are therefore particularly suitable for aquascapers, especially after pruning to accelerate new shoots. At the same time, selected natural active ingredients support the building and energy metabolism. They can be absorbed and metabolized by the plant directly through the leaves. In this way, the plants are strengthened and can increase their defences, e.g. against algae growth on the leaves. Plant Active Enzymes also has a positive effect on the redox balance in the aquarium. Through oxidation, numerous nutrients are oxidized and thus rendered ineffective for plants (e.g. iron and manganese). Reduction converts these nutrients back into a form that can be absorbed by plants. Plant Active Enzymes promotes these reduction reactions. In this way, plant nutrients that have become ineffective are remobilized in the aquarium and thus made available to plants again. The growth environment is optimized. Particularly positive: By sustainably promoting plant growth, Plant Active Enzymes simultaneously creates unfavourable growth conditions for algae. Existing algae are slowed down, and new growth is significantly reduced.  


Every week, 1 ml per 100 L aquarium water.

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