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Dennerle Plant Care PRO 250ml


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High Performance Plant Fertiliser

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Dennerle Plant Care PRO 250ml

High-performance fertilizer for demanding plant aquaria
  • High performance fertilizer for heavily planted aquaria with good growing conditions
  • With all important nutrients, minerals and trace elements
  • For splendid plants and intensely bright colors
  • Immediate and long-term effect due to multiple stabilized nutrients
  • Scientifically tested and optimized according to nature‘s example

For heavily planted aquaria

Plant Care Pro is a high-performance fertilizer for all heavily planted aquaria with good to very good growth conditions (plenty of light and CO2 addition). Plant Care Pro is aimed at aquarists with high demands on plant growth and the overall visual appearance of the aquarium. Typically, approx. 70 – 80 % of the bottom surface is planted, at least half of which with fast-growing species. Plant Care Pro allows even fastidious plant species to thrive lushly. It is therefore ideal for aquascaping aquaria, Dutch aquaria and demanding, well-planted community aquaria.  


Weekly 10 ml per 100 L aquarium water.

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