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Taxiphyllum barbieri (Java Moss) Dennerle plant-it!


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Dennerle plant-it! In-Vitro Plant: Taxiphyllum barbieri (Java Moss)

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Commonly known as Java Moss!

Taxiphyllum barbieri from South-East Asia is a hardy plant which makes few demands on the water or light. The moss becomes 3-10 cm thick and grows willingly on any surface, so it is ideal for decorating stones and tree roots or concealing installations in the aquarium. Attach the plant with a piece of fishing line or cotton thread until it has gained a hold on the décor. If its growth becomes too luxuriant, it can be pruned with scissors. In breeding aquariums Taxiphyllum barbieri is a wonderful hiding place for the young fish.

plant-it! plants are cultivated in the laboratory under sterile conditions. They are supplied in a 7 cm, sealed tub. The small plants are completely free of algae and snails and can be planted directly. This product is ideal for smaller aquaria and Nano Cubes and for modern aquascaping. The top right hand corner of the packaging very clearly shows how much care each plant requires. Before introducing the plants, the nutrient medium simply has to be rinsed and the plants divided. Clean it, cut it, PLANTit!

OriginSoutheast Asia
Area/height:Foreground 5-10 cm
Light:medium - low
Temperature22 - 28 C.
pH:5 - 9
Water hardness:   very soft - very hard
Co2:0-20 mg/l

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