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JBL Food Clips (Pack of 2)


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Food clip with suction cup

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Pro Shrimp's comment: These clips are great to fix fresh vegetable, algae wafers, leaves etc/ to the inside of your tank. That way you avoid floating leaves and can easily remove uneaten food. They are great to fix SL-Aqua Vitality bags as well.

JBL Food Clip Pack of 2.

  • ideal for food (algae leaves, salad, Catappa leaves).
  • With a rotatable clip that can be rotated in all directions.
  • Easy to attach to the panel. Keeps the fish and invertebrates in full view while they are feeding.
  • Prevents the food from floating into the decorations where the fish may no longer be able to reach it, thereby polluting the water.
  • Formulated for fresh water and seawater, and for terrariums.

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