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JBL ProScape PlantStart


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JBL ProScape Plant Star Soil Activator 20-100L

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JBL ProScape PlantStart - Soil Activator

  • For vigorous plant growth: live bacterial cultures make the nutrients available to the plants and promote the aquarium plants’ root development
  • For an initial setup: spread it over the nutrient substrate or first soil layer and cover with substrate
  • Reduces external germs and blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) colonisation. Optimises nutrient uptake of the plant roots by a bacterial breakdown of the minerals in the soil. Plants grow quicker
  • Further benefit: mixed bacterial culture for the breakdown of organic waste at the bottom. Transforms the substrate into an additional filter
  • Contents: 2 individually sealed metallized bags, each with 8 g mineral granulate with live bacteria cultures for soil activation in aquariums from 20-100l

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