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Dennerle Nano FB7 BactoClean Filter Bacteria View larger

Dennerle Nano FB7 BactoClean Filter Bacteria


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Nitrifying filter bacteria to help establish biological filtration

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Pro Shrimp's comment: These filter bacteria help establish biological filtration and supports your filter especially in soft water environments where bacteria growth is slowed. Regular dosing after water change and filter cleaning will keep your bacteria going. Great way of helping your filter out with unexpected ammonia and nitrite spikes.

Nano Clear Water Filter Bacteria

FB7 BactoClean

Living clear water filtering bacteria for clear and healthy water

FB7 Cleaning Bacteria

  • Degrade excretion products, food residues and dead plant matter
  • Remove toxic substances such as ammonia and nitrite
  • Activate bed and filter
  • Improve filter performance

It is recommendable to add FB7 whenever you change the water, and in particular when setting up a new aquarium.

Enough to treat 600L of water

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