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Dennerle Marinus CoralActive Plankton


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Plankton Food for Fish and Filter Feeders

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New improved recipe - does not turn the water cloudy

Nano Marinus CoralActive

Plankton food for filter feeders and small reef dwellers

  • Phyto and zooplankton (5-100 µm) to feed filter feeding tube worms, mussels and corals.
  • Plus fine food (100-800 µm) for small nano reef dwellers.


futter2.jpgBriefly stir the CoralActiv in a small container with saltwater until all the components have "dissolved", then add it to the aquarium.

The plankton distributes itself best if it is put into the surface extractor of the bio-circulator.

Remove the filter sponge from the bio-circulator or raise it a few centimetres, so that the food is not filtered out.


For new set-ups add some Nano CoralActive for the little reef dwellers in the live rock approx. twice a week.

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