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JBL Novo Stick M 250ml Cichlid Food


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Novo Stick M - Food for Carnivorous Cichlids

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  • For mainly carnivorous tilapia fish (cichlids). Protein/fat ratio meets nutritional needs.
  • Does not cloud the water.
  • Readily eaten by other large species of fish as well. Meat content consists exclusively of fish meat.
  • With stabilised vitamin C.
  • For predatory fish species the protein/fat ratio shifts strongly towards a higher share of protein.
  • Due to the consumption of insect larvae and crustaceans the natural food for most tropical ornamental fish has a protein/fat ratio of about 4:1. Only fish predators get a higher protein content through the protein-rich fish meat they eat. Their food has a P/F ratio of approx. 12:1. Our competition mostly provides food with a P/F rate of about 2.5:1. This food contains too much fat! For fish in the aquarium, which are often less active than in their natural habitat, this leads to fatty degeneration and thus to a vulnerability to disease or death. JBL has adapted its food ranges to the species-appropriate P/F ratios.

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