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JBL Novo Grano Vert mini Click 100ml


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Novo Grano Vert mini Click - Herbivorous Food

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  • The click dispenser lid makes perfect dosing possible. 1 x click for 5 fish of 3-10 cm!
  • Does not cloud the water. 79 % plant content with valuable fibres for species-appropriate nutrition and a healthy digestive system.
  • 5 % spirulina algae for balanced, natural colouration. Dermatologically tested.
  • The food container is sealed under the dispensing lid for freshness.
  • Green food is often forgotten when buying fish food, but it is as important for omnivores as eating salad is for humans! Omnivores, like many of the barb species, show considerably more beautiful colours and are more resistant against fish diseases, if vegetable food is regularly on the menu.
  • Many life-bearing tooth carps, such as guppies and swordtails, are plant and algae eaters. Here a vegetable food is a MUST for the nutrition.

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