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JBL Novo Grano Color mini Refill 100ml


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Novo Grano Color mini Refill - Staple Fish Food

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  • Does not cloud the water.
  • Strong and healthy growth with little water pollution due to a naturally balanced protein-fat ratio.
  • Selected raw ingredients with valuable carotenoids and Omega 3 fatty acids enhance brilliant colouring.
  • The floating properties of the granules of the JBL Grano range are so designed that one part is swimming on the surface, one part is floating and one part is sinking. The distance of the tin to the water surface during the feeding also makes a difference. When feeding from a greater height (> 15 cm) the granulate “penetrates” the water surface and sinks easier than from a lower height (< 15 cm). It then floats longer on the surface. There is thus a better response to the feeding behaviour of the fish. Fish with a superior mouth, such as panchaxs or hatchetfish, usually feed on the water surface. Fish species with a terminal mouth (e.g. angel fish, neon) prefer to feed floating food under water. And fish with an inferior mouth, such as catfish and loaches, prefer to feed at the bottom. But this doesn’t mean that the fish can only feed as described! It only corresponds to their natural food intake, they have adapted over the course of evolution. Rays, which are known to be bottom-feeders, very quickly learn to pick up food from the water surface while floating on their backs!

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