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Genchem Eikoso Multivitamin 50g


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Genchem Eikoso - Multivitamin support for Shrimp and Fish

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Pro Shrimp's comment: This is a multivitamin support for shrimp and fish. It's very economical and you only need to use very little once a week. Mix a very small amount with some tank or RO water and add to the tank. Refrigeration can increase the lifetime of the product considerable.


A comprehensive multivitamin that has been designed for use with freshwater shrimp and fish.


  • Restores natural vitality of shrimp and fish
  • Helps increase resistance to disease
  • Promotes growth
  • Encourages fish and shrimp to feed more due to better health

Genchem Eikoso is very economical and you don't need much for a very positive effect. We recommend 1/10 of a spoon once a week for a 100L tank.

Once opened we recommend you refrigerate this product.

Package: 50g

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