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GlasGarten Shrimp Snacks Dandelion


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Glasgarten Shrimp Snacks Dandelion Sticks

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Pro Shrimp's comment: Shrimp Sticks made from 100% dandelion

GlasGarten has come up with a brand new line of products. High quality yet affordable complementary food. This food is proving to be very popular. If you can't decide on a specific type, why not try the 4-in-1 pack, which includes 10g packs of Dandelion, Herb Mix 1 + Fruit, Herb Mix 2 + Mint and Mulberry.


Complementary feed for ornamental shrimps

Dandelion leaves are similar to nettle leaves and birch leaves which shrimp coveted. Bitter substances, vitamins, minerals, inulin, glycosides, triterpenoids, choline, and potassium make them a useful snack.

Feeding recommendation: 0,5 cm Stick pro 10-15 Garnelen
30g Aroma pack, Sticks

Package: 30g

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