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Glasgarten ShrimpFit 35g


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Complementary feed for aquarium-kept ornamental shrimps to improve immunesystem

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Glasgarten Shrimp Fit - 35g

  • for a strengthened immune system
  • reduced loss rates 
  • to improve the body's defenses
  • deactivation of toxins and pathogens

Complementary feed for ornamental shrimps - ShrimpFit from GlasGarten is a special feed and immune booster for the rapid activation of the immune system and the prevention of pathogens and dangerous bacteria. GlasGarten ShrimpFit improves the immune system and supplies your shrimp with nutritionally important active ingredients such as beta-glucans, mannan-oligosaccharides, minerals and chitin.

Shrimp have only an innate, so-called primitive immune system. This means that it can not "learn" with time and must defend itself again and again against the same "attackers". So if an infection with a particular opponent is over, it can attack again, the immune system of the shrimp does not recognize and the fight starts again.

The most common cases of bacterial infections in shrimp in aquariums are caused by non-pathogenic bacteria, that is, they are not pathogenic bacteria, but normal bacteria that live in every aquarium and every living thing. Unfortunately, these too can quickly lead to a problem, namely, when the immune system weakened and/or not quickly becomes active. A sleepy "guard" or a sluggish "fighting force" can be decisive for the fight.
So if you sets new shrimp/snails/fish in an aquarium in which already are shrimp, then are often not "diseases" transferred, but simply normal bacterial strains, who possibly are unknown for the living to Aquarium shrimp. Thus, the new bacteria can quickly settle in the shrimp, multiply rapidly and if the immune system is not fit enough, unfortunately often lead to deaths ...
In short, without an immune system, a shrimp is just a piece of meat that wants to be decomposed by bacteria. Alone the immune system prevents this, so it is so important to strengthen the immune system of the shrimp so that it can ward off optimal and keep the shrimp healthy. That alone is his job to be faster and stronger than opponents can spread. GlasGarten ShrimpFit supports this task, the ingredients act as immune boosters in various ways.

Benefits of GlasGarten ShrimpFit
• High binding force and inactivation of toxins and pathogens by bacteriostatic effect
• Activation and multiplication of defense phagocytes
• Formation of a protective membrane on the intestinal mucosa (infection barrier)
• Reduced loss rates in infections

Beta-1,3-1,6-glucans are structures that are recognized by the immune system as a so to say-pathogen. Without being a pathogen, they trigger immune activation but do not produce disease symptoms. The immune system is therefore made fit.
Beta-glucans are recognized by special receptors of phagocytes (macrophages) and immediately absorbed. Thus, the phagocytes activate the formation of additional cells for the immune defense, which can effectively protect the body from new pathogens in the blood and lymphatic system and reduce the reaction time for a defense.
As soluble fiber in the yeast hydrolyzate used, the beta-glucans are fermented by the intestinal flora to short-chain fatty acids such as acetate, butyrate and propionate. The consequent reduction in pH prevents in particular the incorrect colonization of the intestine by pathogenic germs. Short-chain fatty acids are important regulators for a healthy metabolism, butyrate is the most important source of energy for the intestinal mucosal cells and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Mannan-Oligosaccharides promote by their prebiotic effect the probiotic bacteria in the animals and a positive composition of the intestinal flora.

Minerals an chitin
The contained minerals and the chitin support the structure of the exoskeleton and counteract moulting problems. Each moult is a great show of strength for the shrimp organism, and especially during this time, when all the forces concentrate on moulting, the shrimp are weakened and easily vulnerable. Unnecessarily long moulting phases put the shrimp in additional stress, which lowers the immune defenses, so it is so important that the moulting is smooth and fast.

Feeding suggestion (for 100 Liter)

First Aid
First Aid may help prevent major damage by activating the immune systems of the still unaffected or affected shrimp faster and more efficiently. At the same time, pathogens and toxins by ShrimpFit are bound and released from the intestine.

• immediately 1 heaped measuring spoon
• after 2 days again 1 heaped measuring spoon

As preventively and regularly feed
Used preventively and regularly feed, it forms a protective film in the intestinal mucosa and increases the alertness of the immune system, so that in a strong immune defense needed the invaders can be fought faster and more effective.

• normal stocked: twice a week 1/2 measuring spoon
• high stocked: twice a week 1 heaped measuring spoon

Note: 1 measuring spoon is about 0.7g

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