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Dennerle Natural Gravel Baikal 10-30mm


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Plantahunter Gravel Baikal 10-30mm - 5kg

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Pro Shrimp's comment: This is a new range of Dennerle Natural Gravel in a variety of colours, forms and sizes. Give your aquascape the touch of something special.

For use with soft water shrimp we advise to only use lime-free gravel to not affect pH level and hardness.

Plantahunter natural gravel Glacier:

  • Available in two different sizes (3-8mm and 10-30 mm)
  • Jet black "fine“ or “coarse” shale gravel, made from natural slate
  • Ideal for exciting colour contrasts
  • Wash thoroughly before use.
  • Note: Lime-free 

Plantahunter natural gravel

For the design of aquarium landscapes and biotope landscapes

  • Carefully selected varieties that look spectacular
  • Wide range with many attractive colours and grain sizes
  • Perfect bio-function in the aquarium
  • Ideal for aquascaping
  • Creates attractive colour, contrasts and exciting highlights in any aquarium
  • 100% pure natural gravel

The choice of substrate depends on the taste of the owner, the planting and the fish population which is to be introduced to the aquarium. Plantahunter gravels are 100% pure natural gravels with no artificial colouring and form a significant part of the decoration.
In order to create a natural landscape, we recommend mixing different grain sizes of the same variety of gravel and arranging the gravel in a variety of depths. If you want stronger contrasts, the white or black varieties can be used. Plantahunter natural gravels are ideally for aquascaping, as with their help you can recreate natural underwater landscapes. With their variety of colours and shapes, sections of the aquarium can also be individually designed, creating exciting contrasts and highlights.

Tip: Fish feel more comfortable on a darker substrate and display their finest colours.

Bioactive natural gravel
To maintain the natural biofilm Dennerle Plantahunter gravel is not pre-cleaned. This will give your aquarium an active bacterial fauna for immediate reduction of pollutants. To ensure this, please rinse only with cold water.

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