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eSHa Exit 20ml Whitespot Cure


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eSHa WhiteSpot Treatment

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eSHa Exit 20ml - Anti Whitespot Treatment

eSHa EXIT is an effective treatment against all Spot (lchthyophthirius) diseases. eSHa EXIT also cures Velvet.
- Acts fast against Whitespot and other Spot parasites.
- Safe for use with sensitive tropical fish.
eSHa EXIT can be used in combination with eSHa 2000 - Fungus, Finrot Bacteria Treatment. This combination provides you with a broadly effective tool to treat most diseases your fish will encounter.

Dosage eSHa EXIT:
1st day 20 drops on 100 l water
2nd day 10 drops on 100 l water
3rd day 10 drops on 100 l water
20 ml are sufficient for 1000 litres of water.

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