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Eleocharis pusilla (in-vitro) Dennerle plant-it!


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Dennerle plant-it! In-Vitro Plant

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The dwarf spikerush, Eleocharis pusilla, is native to Australia and New Zealand and inhabits wetlands with different water levels. In contrast to Eleocharis acicularis, the growth height is significantly shorter, usually only a few centimetres high. Another distinguishing feature are the light green, slightly curved stems of the dwarf spikerush. This grass growth best in cooler water, it cannot tolerate permanently high temperatures over 25 C. This delicate beauty is ideal for stone layouts in the Iwagumi style, as it results in a fresh "summer meadow". Like Echidonorus acicularis, the dwarf spikerush can also be cut well back, which makes the plant even denser and more compact.

plant-it! plants are cultivated in the laboratory under sterile conditions. They are supplied in a 7 cm, sealed tub. The small plants are completely free of algae and snails and can be planted directly. This product is ideal for smaller aquaria and Nano Cubes and for modern aquascaping. The top right hand corner of the packaging very clearly shows how much care each plant requires. Before introducing the plants, the nutrient medium simply has to be rinsed and the plants divided. Clean it, cut it, PLANT it!

OriginAustralia, New Zealand
Area/height:Foreground 3-6 cm
Light:high - medium
Temperature12 - 26 C.
pH:5 - 7
Water hardness:   soft to medium-hard
Co2:10-30 mg/l
Propagation:Stolons, division

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