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Pogostemon erectus (in-vitro) Dennerle plant-it!


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Dennerle plant-it! In-Vitro Plant: Pogostemon erectus

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The Indian Pogostemon erectus forms compact groups of bright green, conifer-like stems, 10-20 cm tall and 1-3 cm wide. Pogostemon erectus is suitable as a background plant and creates a wonderful focal point in both smaller and larger groups. Intense light helps the plant to stay compact for a longer period. Moderate growth and vigorous roots.

Especially in combination with red and brown plants this new plant shines! With enough light and Co2 this plant is easy to cultivate.

plant-it! plants are cultivated in the laboratory under sterile conditions. They are supplied in a 7 cm, sealed tub. The small plants are completely free of algae and snails and can be planted directly. This product is ideal for smaller aquaria and Nano Cubes and for modern aquascaping. The top right hand corner of the packaging very clearly shows how much care each plant requires. Before introducing the plants, the nutrient medium simply has to be rinsed and the plants divided. Clean it, cut it, PLANTit!

OriginSouthasia / India
Area/height:Background 40 cm
Light:high - medium
Temperature20 - 30 C.
pH:5 - 8
Water hardness:   soft - medium hard
Co2:20-30 mg/l
Propagation:Head cuttings, side shoots

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