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Bucephalandra Serimbu Brown Dennerle Plant It


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Dennerle Bucephalandra Serimbu Brown - In Vitro

Please note: The picture is part of the grower's stock picture database. The tubs delivered can ocasionally be less full than pictured here, this often varies from delivery to delivery. We do not have any influence on the fill amount in those tubs.

Bucephalandra have become very popular in recent years. They need very little in terms of light and fertilisation, but are very attractive and many types are even flowering under water. Similar to Anubias they are slow growing and should be attached to rocks or wood.

Because of the popularity this plant has been dramatically reduced in its natural habitat (most Bucephalandra on the market have been taken from the wild). Dennerle Bucephalandra have been bred in the laboratory and NOT been taken from the wild.

This Bucephalandra is medium-sized, has a creeping to ascending, densely branched rhizome and spatulate to oblanceolate rather flat leaves. The margin is only very slightly undulate. Young leaves are of a light brownish red to apricot colour and have a green iridescent hue, older leaves are dark green with a blueish-grey shine. This Bucephalandra often flowers under water. It has a pale pink spathe.

Like other Bucephalandra variants, Serimbu Brown can either be used as epiphytic plant for hardscape or be fixed on the substrate, e.g. with a small rock or a planting needle. Do not cover the rhizome, as it might rot. The roots will find their way into the substrate.

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