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SuperFish Aqua-Flow XL


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Internal Filter 100-200L

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Superfish Aqua-Flow XL

A large internal filter that contains a Bio-Action cartridge, the Superfish Aqua Flow XL Filter decomposes waste products and harmful substances effectively.

Filters help remove pollutants from the aquarium and breaks them down by the bacterial action in the filter, so your water remains healthy. Internal filters are compact, and ideal for small aquariums.

Offering optimal mechanical filtration, the Superfish Aqua Flow XL Filter has a 100% open structure filter foam, and active carbon that removes organic contamination, chemicals and dyes from the water.

Featuring a Crystal-Max porous filter medium which acts as a sponge, the Superfish Aqua Flow XL Filter removes microorganisms, and is the perfect filtration system for tropical and cold water aquariums.

Model: XL Bio Filter
L/h: 250-500L/h
Aquarium Capacity: 100-200L
Power: 6.5W

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