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Dennerle Nano Filter Extension Module forDennerle Corner Filters


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Nano Filter Extension - Additional filter chamber for Dennerle Corner Filters.

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Pro Shrimp's comment: This is an additonal media chamber for more filter media or short term filter material like carbon, purigen or ammonia/phosphor removers. This clips on the front of Dennerle Nano Corner Filter and Corner Filter XL.

Nano FilterExtension

Attachable additional filter for Nano corner filter and Nano XL corner filter

  • Especially recommended where fish are present.
  • Increases filter capacity or can be used with phosphate binders or active carbon for short-term additional filtration.

Simply fill, rinse (to remove possible residue caused by abrasion in transport) and clip on.

For filling with Nano filter medium (Biofilter Granules/Algae Stop/Active Carbon).

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