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Aquael SAS 500 Filter Skimmer


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Aquael SAS 500

Effective water surface filtration

The SAS 500 filter is an aquarium surface filter designed to clean the water surface of the layer of dirt from dust, protein film or small plant residue. It helps maintain the aesthetic appearance of the aquarium and supports the water filtration and aeration process. Thanks to its adjustable capacity, it is ideal for aquaria with large and small water surface areas.

For unsightly scum

A common problem in aquarium tanks is bacteria scum forming on the water surface. It restricts gas exchange, impedes light penetration and spoils the appearance of the aquarium. There are some recurring tips on aquarium forums on how to deal with bacterial dross. Among other things, aquarists recommend installing a sprinkler along with an efficient filter, or an ad hoc collecting of the impurities with a paper towel. However, they point to the installation of a surface filter as the most effective and simplest solution.

Why choose the SAS 500 filter?


The SAS 500 filter is effective due to its design. Water, together with surface impurities, enters the filter chamber through the float where it is filtered. The impurities settle on a dense sponge pre-filter that must be cleaned regularly in order to constantly keep the aquarium water surface clean.


The SAS FILTER 500 is equipped with a high-capacity energy-saving pump, which makes it ideal for large tanks (up to 130 gallons). The water flow controller allows easy adjustment of the filter performance also for small tanks, even 5 gallons.


A built-in sponge pre-filter prevents shrimps and small fish from accidentally entering the motor compartment. If an aquarium animal ends up inside the unit, it can be safely freed by tilting the filter sleeve over the aquarium.


The SAS FILTER 500 is equipped with a maintenance-free float that will automatically adjust the filtration to the changing water levels in the tank. You do not have to adjust the filter every day. The only thing you need to take care of is installing the device in the aquarium. This is extremely easy thanks to the suction cup holder provided for quick installation and easy removal from the aquarium. Moreover, its simple design makes it easy to clean and maintain.


Highly recommended uses:

  • in open tanks in which dirt more readily accumulates on the water surface due to the lack of cover;
  • after tank servicing – regular maintenance of the aquarium (such as pruning of plants) generates pollutants on the water surface;
  • in aquaria with many fish – more animals in the aquarium means, among other things, more uneaten food, which – like dust and small plant remains – is deposited on the water surface.

Versions and parameters

Aquarium capacity in L20 - 500
Power Usage in W4.4
Efficiency in L/H500

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