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JBL Aquadur Malawi Tanganjika 250g


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Remineraliser for Soft Water - pH 8-9 Sulawesi, Malawi

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Remineraliser salt for RO and soft water by JBL. This salt increases GH & KH at the same time. Thanks to higher KH than GH the pH gets pushed up at the same time. This salt is ideal for fish that prefer hard water like african cichlids or hard water shrimp like Sulawesi species, that like a pH of 7.5-8.5

  • Produces sea-like hardness with the KH higher than the GH due to sodium carbonates.
  • Fish exhibit prettier colours and a higher hatching rate among juvenile fish.
  • Lake values: Lake Malawi: GH 5°, KH 7°, Tanganyika: GH 10°, KH 18°.

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